A “Total Health Evolution” is what we want our clients to experience while they are under our guidance. As Fitness Professionals, we take pride in being trusted with something as important as someone’s health to something as impactful as their self-esteem. We take both very seriously, and it shows in the time we invest in each individual program as well as our personable (yet professional) relationships with our clients.

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have tried the “get fit quick” plans, the trendy/celebrity diets, the gadgets and SUPER LOW calorie diets. They became frustrated with not being able to stick to these methods for a lengthy amount of time, and even worst…they found that trying those “proven” methods are the best way to gain their pre-diet weight back, plus more. Sound familiar? Probably so. It happens because people want results fast and cheap. Once they have realized the real reward of reaching a fitness goal is not solving a problem with a problem or bouncing back to square one because of some strange guarantee, they come to us. We happily teach them how to achieve consistent results the right way by providing them with nutritional guidance made to fit them and training plans designed to complement their nutrition plan. 

Our services include – Personal Training, Small Group Fitness Classes, and Corporate Wellness . Those are only offered to Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville and surrounding areas. Our Fat Burner, T.H.E. Maximum Fat Burner, took a while to get the formula we felt the industry was missing, but the frustration was well worth it in the end. It has received positive reviews across the board from people ranging from physique competitors to stay at home moms.


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