T.H.E. Approach to Fitness

Fitness is confusing and stressful enough as it is. So we make it a point to keep it simple, sustainable and logical. For example:

  • We don’t restrict our clients from drinking coffee
  • Our clients can eat sweets
  • Drinking is allowed in moderation
  • There’s no excessive cardio
  • Our clients don’t eat 5-12 meals a day to “increase their metabolism”
  • Our clients eat carbs at night and sometimes they eat an incredible amount of carbs

Sound weird? Not the norm you’re used to? It’s because our approach is a healthy combination of science & logic. And those combined ARE NOT the norm. So…we’ll take weird.



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Nicolas T.

“I have known Derrick for over 3 years now and he has continuously impressed me with his knowledge of fitness and nutrition. He is not only a source of information but the information he provides is studied and science based. His passion for understanding the human body and how it functions can only be surpassed by his willingness to help those who want to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Being a competing athlete I consider Derrick to be a great asset for advice and motivation in my overall success.”


 Jonathon S.

“Derrick is a very knowledgeable individual in his area of expertise. Whenever I have a question about nutrition or training he is always punctual with his responses and very reliable. Derrick is approachable and friendly, and it has been a pleasure working with him on a personal and a business level. “

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Christina M.

“I used Derrick Whites Online Personal Training program and was very happy with his services. He was very knowledgeable and positive throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend him if you’re thinking about an online training and nutritional program.”

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Erin B.

“Derrick has been the BEST coach ever! He is very encouraging and positive. Even when I feel discouraged he helps me stay grounded in my plans, even going as far as sharing some of his personal experiences and successes to keep me positive on this journey. I’ve had the greatest amount of success since I started working with him and I’m sure I will continue to be successful. “


 Chris B.

“D White’s knowledge, experience, professionalism, passion, and ability to motivate is unmatched by any personal trainer out there. His interest in and concern for his clients success is truely above anything one will find from any other trainer. He is the very best at what he does and anyone lucky enough to work with him will see results like never before. Chris

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Jerica R.

“Derrick is honestly one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is the epitome of what every man should be like. I have never seen him do anything that he doesn’t put his whole heart into. His motivation and dedication to what he does is on a different level than anyone else I have ever seen. I don’t know how he fits all that knowledge into one little brain 🙂 Regardless if your a friend or stranger Derrick will put 100% into you as long as your giving him 100% back.”11018127_1575299616056491_6692793216023799100_n

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Ray H.

“I have known Mr. White for two years and in at that time of knowing him and talking to him, I have learned many things about fitness and health. His knowledge and his expertise in this field exceeds anyone that I have talked to. Knowing this I would have no doubt in recommending him as a personal trainer to anyone that was looking for someone to help them with their weight loss and nutritional goals.”





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